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How To Survive High-Risk Eating Situations

When your family, friends and co-workers create high-risk eating situations for you it could be unintentional because many people don’t understand how difficult it is to eat healthfully on a consistent ongoing basis. You must stay focused on your goals , you need to fight negative influences in your social circles. Here are some tips on how to[…]

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Take Back Control

Maybe your life seems chaotic and you can’t seem to find time for you. Maybe everyone around you is indulging and your restraint is hanging by its last thread. Maybe you’re pulling your hair out as you stare at your friends and family slurp away on ice-cream and it makes you want to drop-kick anyone and everyone because you are so blasted tired and annoyed that you’ve not made[…]

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Be accountable

As humans we are error prone, easily enticed and capable of cooking up crazy excuses for our actions. In order to achieve targeted goals, we often need  a strategy to keep us on track and hold us accountable when we are tempted to err. Sometimes, we may only need to tell someone but at other times we need[…]

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