Fight The Weekend Weakness

Fight The Weekend Weakness

Weekends are wicked when it comes to weight loss. Its tough for the best of us … you are not alone. You find that all is great with your meals and exercise throughout the week and in just two days of the weekend you’ve destroyed the hard work of the  entire week! This unprogressive pattern begins again the next week with you starting all over again and ending up the same way with a constant promise to do better next time. You can’t continue like this and expect to see change…you must fight the weekend weakness!

Keep in mind that weekends, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings and celebrations will always come but we must remember too that they will always go. When they are gone you’ll be left feeling bloated and guilty if you indulge. No one is asking you to be a hermit or not have fun but the truth is if you are trying to lose weight you are not allowed to indulge unless you’ve taken steps to fight the bulge.


Here are 5 tips to help you fight the weekend weakness:

1.Plan ahead:

Create a huge enough calorie deficit during the week to enable you accommodate the indulgence of  weekends events or celebrations. You must tighten up on your calorie intake and exercise more on the days leading to the event.

2. Workout before the event:

Just before you head out do some strength training and cardio. Workout serves as an appetite suppressant. A good workout could suppress your appetite for as long as 2 hours afterward. Researchers speculate that exercise seems to suppress ghrelin — an appetite-stimulating hormone.

3. Have an Apple or Two:

Apples are perhaps one of the most neglected natural appetite suppressant food. Apple pectin prevents spikes in blood sugar that lead to increased fat storage and the fibre keeps you full. So have an apple or two before the event!

4. Eat responsibly:

Expect the bakes, cakes and decadence to show up and if you must eat them then eat responsibly. Have small quantities and choose low sugar drinks. Finally fill up with water and remember that your goal still awaits!

5. Move & Groove:

Dance, fidget and step those calories out! Remember that 10 minutes of walking gives approximately 1000 steps. So try not to sit…Seek out any opportunity to move cos the more you move the more you lose!


Start today to fight the weekend weakness!


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