A Little Known Trick For Rapid Fat Loss

A Little Known Trick For Rapid Fat Loss

trickHere’s an awesome trick to help us on our weigh loss journey…its almost magical! Supposing you are given one thing that could help you lose weight, improve your skin and make you feel more energetic? I bet you would be willing to pay  a whole lot for it. Well guess what, you already have it and its free!! Its called Water!

Water is nature’s own diet supplement. Research indicates that drinking 2 glasses of water before meals can suppress your appetite and make you eat fewer calories. Eating fewer calories increases your calorie deficit which turn means fat loss. Further more drinking water flushes the body of sodium and toxins. Sodium is known to increase bloating and water weight… and we know that bloating and water weight is very undesirable.

Health enthusiasts argue that we should actually be eating more water-rich foods such as cucumbers, lettuce, watermelon and drinking water less. This is because our bodies absorb water more slowly when we eat water-rich foods, as the water is trapped in the structure of these foods. This means that due to the slow absorption of the water in food the water stays in our bodies longer, and brings about multiple benefits including improved skin texture and increased energy levels.

On this back-drop, we at Gravity, are guided by the following Gravitylifestyle rule: To drink 2 glasses of water and have 2 fruit before any meal. This way you’ll reap the maximum benefits of nature’s own diet supplement and you’ll find that most times you think you are hungry, you are actually only thirsty!

Now go try it.. and please let us know your results. If you’d like us to assist you with fat loss kindly subscribe to a GRAVITY VirtualFitness Plan here.


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