Live beyond yourself

Live beyond yourself

Your lifestyle, passion and habits will determine if you can grow to live beyond yourself. Lifestyle, passion and habits can make or destroy us. 

In order to live beyond ourselves, we must take the lead on healthy living such that generations after us benefit from it whether directly or indirectly.

Furthermore, the passion with which we attach ourselves to our lifestyle regimen should extend to all connected persons such that your healthy habits becomes not only our lifestyle but that of those around us.

On your journey to a healthy body, always remember…

  1. Your lifestyle decisions today lay the foundation for tomorrow.
  2. Always think beyond today. Think before you make lifestyle changes because it may affect the health and lifestyle of generations after you.
  3. Be careful with your lifestyle decisions and actions because they affect your future and overall health.
  4. Invest for the future through your lifestyle decisions of today. Invest in your health for your good as well as the good of those who love you.
  5. Do not live an illusionary life… you can not be a couch potato and still expect to have a healthy body plus some six-pack abs.
  6. Your investments in your lifestyle counts. Invest mindfully by cultivating habits that can build a healthy structure anchored on a passion that outlives you.

Let your lifestyle have a purpose beyond yourself.


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