Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Ugochi Amah

 Gravity lifestyle: lifestyle pro:

Gravity has empowered me to be in charge of my body and not the other way around. With the help of Mama hawk and her wealth of knowledge, no target is unachievable. She diligently guides you through the ups and downs of the weight loss journey with encouragements, suggestions and corrections. It’s an amazing experience. The exercise and food a tailored to your individual needs. Daily review helps keep your journey in view. You start seeing results in 1 week.  Worth more than you pay for.

Active wear:

The gravity active wear is really very comfortable that for me is what I  desire the most. Then again it holds my body firm,so i love my look in it. The fabric is definitely of premium quality, it doesn’t retain any sweaty odor after use, after wash it’s brand new again. For comfort, good looks and clean smell. It’s a 5 star for me.

Ere Okoluko 

Gravity has taught me to put my health and fitness first above my cravings and desires for unhealthy options. I didn’t believe I would drop the baby weight, but once I joined and stuck to the programme within 4 months I had gone from over 90kg to 70kg and the number keeps going down…. the support is second to none, and the outfits are hawtness personified.

Joy Johnson 

My journey with gravity started with a weight of 79kg. It was a journey with great struggles. At first I didn’t want to admit I could actually do without the popular garri and rice but then when I made up my mind to take up the task,I was determined. I had good motivators as friends and sisters all in gravity group. My weightloss  journey with gravity started on October 2016 and I gave myself a target to fit into a size 8 dress and I hit my goal size in February 2017.  I went from a starting weight of 79 kg to 64.5 kg amazing huh? O yes it was all determination and was drilled to keep up with my exercise by sergeant my darling mama hawk who will stab her sleep to make sure I put a knife to the FAT…lol. Sounds funny but then she is good at drilling anyone any day.

Today I feel lighter and more confidence. I walk into places with my head and shoulders so high . I don’t have to wear tummy support to make me look flat.I hardly fall sick cos I now understand what healthy living is all about. I eat the right meals and wear whatever I wanna wear with my body and skin all toned up! All thanks to gravity!  I encourage you to join gravity today to get that body you have always craved. #gravityalways

Data Akpan

Gravity lifestyle has taken my fitness to a whole new level. The workouts are challenging and exciting. The experience: ELECTRIC

Ogbonne Adesoji

Gravity has changed my life.

I was conscious of my weight before I joined Gravity but I wasn’t disciplined, at an ok weight but not fit. Gravity has taught me to eat right, keep fit & be disciplined. It’s taught me accountability, the need to set goals and work hard to achieve them.I’m not there yet but Surely I’m way better than where I’m coming from.  #GravityRocks

Gravity Products: 

  • Jump Rope: Awesome. Makes me wanna keep going even when I’m tired. 
  • Gym bra: Beautiful. Nice feel to the skin & good for the sweat factor.
  • Smart Bracelet: I was really excited about this product & for a lil’ bit, it gingered me to walk more. However, mine didn’t last but since other hawklets are still rocking theirs, mine must have been a factory defect.


I have been trying to loose all the a weight I gained after child birth. The mid-section was one place I could not shift but when i joined gravity lifestyle. All of that became a thing of the past. Gravity lifestyle helped me to make being active and eating right a lifestyle. Now even without going to the gym. The simple things like walking goes a long way. Another thing is maintenance. Its one thing to loose another to maintain the weight. As I initially pointed out. It becomes your lifestyle. You don’t feel right when you don’t eat right and stay active thereby maintaining the weight.

Imaobong maples

My experience with Gravity lifestyle has taught me two things accountability and responsibility. I have become more responsible when it comes to what goes into my mouth. I have come to know that I am responsible for the numbers I say on my scale. I also know that it’s not just about weight loss but also about a lifestyle change.

Ebimondi Nwaogu

I joined Gravity Lifestyle Forum a year ago. It has been the most grounded year for me in terms of my dietary habits and general physique maintenance.I may not seem to be saying much but when you consider that for almost 40 years, I had next to no discipline when it came to either of those two things AND the fact that I had no concrete plans nor guide to achieve either, one would understand the magnitude of the first statement.

Through Gravity and its amazing founder, I have discovered that a lifestyle change can be embraced with equanimity and joy even. I have found a fellowship that I give thanks for everyday as we share our healthy daily lifestyle choices. Gravity teaches so much.  Practical and, most times, inexpensive weight-loss meal plans; daily workout plans; record keeping; accountability; community and so much more.

It’s more a family with one goal/focus than anything else. A family whose head is as dedicated and strict as the most decorated of army commandants; yet she embodies responsiveness, has knowledge to beat an encyclopaedia and caring that envelopes the group…spurring us to new heights/greater achievements daily.Gravity Lifestyle is the new _healthy_ normal. I thank God and GALS everyday for the new, easily-maintained, me.

Yetunde Sonoiki

I remember when I started…I never thought I could  lose any weight. So many things I Thot I was doing right…gravity has being a source of encouragement to me …days I don’t feel like doing anything…when I was sick,Just reading the ladies chat. Just reading the ladies chat how they share there struggles helps me. Am not there yet but it has been a wonderful experience.

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