How To keep The Weight Off For Good!

How To keep The Weight Off For Good!

Losing weight is tough and keeping it off may even be tougher. After we’ve reached our goal weight it’s super easy to fall back into bad habits and an unhealthy lifestyle.  That’s why we want to share some tips to help you maintain your healthy body and keep the weight off for good!

First, read this personal experience from Tiny T, a Gravity member:

“After I had lost weight I needed to maintain a weight between the range of 63-65kg. I said to myself since I workout daily I can just indulge in some carbs. So I started out with rice, then chocolates, then ice cream, cakes and more! I was still checking my weight and how I looked all the time and I seemed to be doing fine so I didn’t think it mattered.

After a while I started eating too much of the treats and carbs. They became very consistent in my diet but since I was still working out I kept telling myself  that I was alright. Anyways, I started gaining weight and by this time I had no control over my appetite …everything had gone haywire. I was now in the range of 65-67kg. Although I was able to get down to 64kg within this struggle I still gained it back again because of my eating habits; my workout time dropped a little too.

Eventually, I had to make a change. I started by cutting my carb intake and began eating more of veggies and protein. I added intermittent fasting and it helped a great deal too. Last week I checked my weight and I was 66-67kg and now with workout and a strict veggies and protein diet, I checked yesterday and was 63.5kg.

I guess for me it had a lot to do with control, checks and balances, discipline plus a determination to stay on track!”

Tiny T’s experience is true for the best of us. Through her experience we’ve got you covered with tips to help maintain your healthy body and keep you on track!


Tips to keep the weight off for good:

1. Don’t go on an endless cheating spree.

2. Eat mostly veggies and protein.

3. Practice intermittent fasting .

4. Keep up with your daily workout regimen.

5. Control food…don’t let food control you!


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