Why Do I Fail At Fat-loss?

It’s common to find people who say they’ve tried everything and can never lose weight. If you fall into that category then this one’s for you and the truth is you can definitely lose weight!

Fat-loss is induced by a calorie deficit. What any fat-loss regimen does is try to find the quickest strategy to get you into that calorie deficit . The point is whether you are following a portion control route, high fat – low carb route, a high carb route, high protein route or any other diet regimen the common goal is to reduce calories consumed.

Exercise is a great addition to any fat-loss regimen.

Combined with exercise the results of any fat-loss diet increase significantly. However, we must be careful not to overdo it in order to avoid hunger and exhaustion. When it comes to combining a fat-loss diet with exercise it’s essential to find an effective balance that keeps you in control of food. You must also keep in mind that you can never out train a bad diet.

The death of every great fat-loss and exercise regimen is lack of consistency. The presence of this element ensures that your diet and exercise efforts results in fat loss. Without consistency results will be distorted and this manifests in little or no fat loss, leading to the view that it’s impossible to lose weight.

You must understand that consistency is cross-cutting; you will find that regardless the fat-loss regimen followed, no one who’s been successful has reached their goal without being consistent. Consistency means sticking with the plan no matter what… that is, you choose a plan and stick with it till you hit your goal!

Lack of consistency is the core reason for failed attempts at fat-loss. If your past attempts at fat-loss ended with failure and screw ups, I challenge you to take on a new process by following the Gravity virtualfitness plan. You only fail when you stop trying…lets push for success!

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