Challenge Your Body!

It’s fantastic to get into the habit of working out or engaging in some form of movement that promotes circulation. However, as creatures of habit we tend to repeat the same movement patterns daily which gets us into a rot.  We get to a point where the workout we enjoy suddenly seems to stop doing the job and progress starts to stall.  When this happens it should be considered a clear notification from your body telling you that its time for some challenge. Bodily changes are a result of  an adaptive response to stimulus. Therefore when the stimulus isn’t  causing a response then there will be no challenge and no change.

The challenge doesn’t have to be too far off from what you normally would do. A simple tweak is enough to get that scale moving again. An example of a tweak could be to add intervals to your workout or adding weighs or a combination of the two options. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is very good at kicking  people off their comfort zone and the the best part is that it can be customised in any format e.g 4 minutes work : 1 minute rest,  1 minute work : 1 minute rest etc.

HIIT workouts are designed to challenge the body by elevating the heart rate quickly, then keep it up for the duration of the workout.  It can be performed with added weights or just body weight but the goal is to provide your body and brain with new information that will cause them to respond to stimulus and restart the process of change. If you find HIIT too difficult then try challenging your body with a variety of new movements. A variety of movements that present unique challenges will stimulate your body and brain for high-level functionality and promote change.

Challenge means change. Take up a challenge  or upgrade your workouts to reveal a better body! If you need a customised plan kindly click here to choose a plan.


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