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How To Survive High-Risk Eating Situations

When your family, friends and co-workers create high-risk eating situations for you it could be unintentional because many people don’t understand how difficult it is to eat healthfully on a consistent ongoing basis. You must stay focused on your goals , you need to fight negative influences in your social circles. Here are some tips on how to[…]

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Be accountable

As humans we are error prone, easily enticed and capable of cooking up crazy excuses for our actions. In order to achieve targeted goals, we often need  a strategy to keep us on track and hold us accountable when we are tempted to err. Sometimes, we may only need to tell someone but at other times we need[…]

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Be Content!

  Know that you will go through several phases on your journey to a health body but at every phase recommit to the regimen and be content! Remember that your journey to a healthy body is very personal and individual. Keep keeping on with your Gravity lifestyle  and don’t worry  about how far you are[…]

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Take A Break

When you start exercising and seeing results the temptation is to keep going at it 7 days a week non-stop. This is often counter productive because you body needs to recover … recovery brings progress and muscle growth. One or two days off  is essential especially if you train hard and sometimes the “non” training[…]

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