TIP OF THE WEEK – Create Time For You!

The time you need to workout and eat healthy isn’t going to miraculously appear. You have to deliberately create time and incorporate your  new lifestyle practices into your day in order to see Read More

A Little Known Trick For Rapid Fat Loss

Here’s an awesome trick to help us on our weigh loss journey…its almost magical! Supposing you are given one thing that could help you lose weight, improve your skin and Read More

TIP OF THE WEEK – Eat Responsibly!

When we  are on a healthy living regimen, we often cut back on certain foods or eliminate them completely in order to reach our goals. Whatever route you chose to Read More

5 Steps To A Tiny Waist

The foundation of any body shaping goal is a healthy diet.  If you want a tiny waist this wont be any different. However, in addition to a healthy diet you Read More

TIP OF THE WEEK – Ignore The Frenemies

When you are on a self improvement journey and your results have become evident don’t be surprised to find that some of your friends are not happy about your success. Read More

An Egg-cellent Fatloss Tool!

Eggs may be one of the most nutritious foods on earth.  For some reason eggs have a reputation for being not so healthy and full of cholesterol but research indicates Read More

Fight The Weekend Weakness

Weekends are wicked when it comes to weight loss. Its tough for the best of us … you are not alone. You find that all is great with your meals Read More

TIP OF THE WEEK- Find Your Magic Number!

When we decide to lose weight, we have a number in our heads that we feel is best for us. Sometimes we are right but other times we are sooooo Read More

Be Persistent, Consistent & Determined

There’s so much information today on how to get in shape and it can get overwhelming. You may find yourself jumping from one diet to another or one workout regimen Read More

Take A Break

When you start exercising and seeing results the temptation is to keep going at it 7 days a week non-stop. This is often counter productive because you body needs to Read More

What’s A Healthy Body?

We all yearn for  a beautifully shaped and toned body and that’s great! However, we are not all built to be a certain shape or size. Moreover, you cannot live Read More

Be Content!

  Know that you will go through several phases on your journey to a health body but at every phase recommit to the regimen and be content! Remember that your Read More
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