What’s A Healthy Body?

What’s A Healthy Body?

We all yearn for  a beautifully shaped and toned body and that’s great! However, we are not all built to be a certain shape or size. Moreover, you cannot live on 800 calories per day or on cookies and cakes  yet expect to have a healthy body. A healthy body comprises of physical health, self-control, healthy self-esteem, and responsibility  in equal parts. It’s imperative to consider all these as well as our mind, which is housed in our body, when trying to determine our healthy body. It’s all connected…our entire being is subject to positive change and growth.

It is your responsibility to mindfully, but freely, determine what your healthy body looks like and choose a lifestyle structured towards achieving or maintaining it. The number on the scale does not determine your worth and you aren’t required to reach a certain weight or waist size to receive affirmation from anyone. Therefore, a key step towards a healthy body is to love yourself while remembering those who love you unconditionally. Another step is to take responsibility by making positive changes and by seeking out a fresh perspective especially if there are underlying issues with food or body image. The most important step is to perform a self-check by asking yourself:

  • What does it mean to eat to nurture the needs of my body, not satisfy my emotions?
  • What physical activity do I enjoy and how can I fit it into my day?
  • Why do I want a healthy body?

When you’ve discovered your whats & whys you’ll have a clearer picture of your pathway to a healthy body backed with inspiration to push through to your goal.

You’ve got one body…take care of it! There is no best time to choose a healthy lifestyle but the earlier you start to take care of your body the sooner you’ll achieve a healthier you. Remember that good health is a gift and its gift to steward. Therefore, as you work towards a healthy body do so with stewardship and may your inspiration for a healthy body be without shame or guilt, but rooted in love and freedom.


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    Nice! Makes a lot of sense

    1. GRAVITY

      We are glad you found it useful!

    Edughom Hanson

    I like the comment on ” loving your body” many people have challenges with their Self Esteem because they don’t love their body. Thanks MH!! You are making impact

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