The Benefit of Body Weight Exercises

The Benefit of Body Weight Exercises


The best exercise for your bones is the weight-bearing kind, which forces you to work against gravity. Weight-bearing exercises include body weight exercises; others are walking, jogging, skipping/jumprope, jumping Jacks, climbing stairs, tennis, and dancing. Non-weight-bearing include those which do not force you to carry your own body weight e.g. swimming and bicycling.

Body weight exercises are exercises done using the weight of your body as resistance.These exercises can help you tone your body, lose weight and increase your overall strength and fitness levels. They for metabolic burst or HIIT exercises.  A stronger and fit body is also less prone to joint problems and injury and if you are able to maintain a healthy weight, you can also avoid many conditions like blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

Body weight exercises include sit ups, pushups, pull ups, lunges, squats and all exercises that generally use the body as resistance.  There are several benefits of body weight exercises and these include:

  1. It increases fitness levels
  2. It helps with fat loss
  3. It’sVersatile
  4. It can be done anywhere
  5. It improves movement
  6. It improves relative strength
  7. It an improve reactive strength
  8. It’s Free!

By combining body weight exercises with a healthy diet plan, you can  lose much weight faster. Use the force gravity to your advantage and remember to sweat in style with our active wear. Here’s a sample workout from fitness blender…Try it!

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