Self Sabotage – The Fat Loss Foe

Self Sabotage – The Fat Loss Foe

IMG_3269The concept of self-sabotage in weight loss is a very real issue. The best of us wonder why we try so hard to lose weight and get healthy, only to sabotage our own efforts by either skipping our workouts or over eating. We start by working out and eating healthy for a period and then suddenly go off course by pigging-out on all sorts decadent meals, desserts and calorie laden drinks, then follow it up with periods of skimpy workouts or no workouts at all. Once we start going down this route we know  its wrong but self-sabotage is like a moving hurricane! We are left out of control!

Sabotaging your weight loss efforts involves more than just cheating on your diet. Self-sabotage in any form is unhealthy, and when it relates to food choices, the consequences go beyond just the number on the scale. The only way to beat it is by embracing and practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness is the intentional act of being present and focusing your awareness, objectively and without judgement. We must mindfully device all means to guard ourselves against self- sabotage because in the end the only person who gets hurt is the person between our ears.

Self-sabotage is about behaviour. Behaviour is described as self-sabotaging when it creates problems and interferes with long-standing goals. Self-sabotaging behaviour is just like any other bad habit and in order to break this habit we must work at it mindfully through recognition, diversion, and diligence. When you mindfully recognise that you are about to make a bad choice, you ought to divert yourself by finding another activity to do, and diligently practice this positive lifestyle change until it becomes part of you. Furthermore, we must be aware that being mindful includes focusing on these changes without judging or beat yourself up about it.

FINAL THOUGHTS:  If you recognise that you are skimping on your workout or about to overindulge try focusing on what’s important by diverting your attention to the person you aspire to be or something even more positive. Note that you must put in the work to break any bad habit. So keep at it diligently until you beat the  fat loss foe called self-sabotage.


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