Can My Workout Stop Working?

The short answer is  yes; and here’s why.

Exercise training is an adaptive process. This is because the body adapts to the stress of exercise with increased fitness. If you are eating the same types and amount of food, and exercising at the same intensity there comes a point where you’ll notice a gradual decrease in the amount of weight you lose over a given period of time. The reduced caloric burn will eventually lead to a period of time where you are not losing weight. This is called “hitting a plateau”.

Plateaus can have a devastating effect on you mentally; so devastating in fact, that many people just give up trying to lose any more weight. But don’t let that happen to you. To achieve maximum effectiveness, you must change things up! The change must impact on  your workout routine and intensity as well as your diet.

If you would normally run on a treadmill for steady state 30 minutes period try doing an interval workout of say 3 minutes sprint and 2 minutes walk. Better still, you can simple do the same workout on a different equipment e.g an elliptical machine or take up an entirely new workout method. Doing this will bring about a new kind of stress and increased calorie burn, depending on your intensity.

Furthermore you’ll need to watch your diet like a hawk. Opt for nutrient dense foods like veggies and satiating foods like protein to keep you from falling into sugar traps. If you need a sweet treat please have a fruit. Berries are the best kind of fruit for those on a low carb diet. Remember and be aware that you cannot out-train a bad diet so stay accountable by getting the right kind of support right here.



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